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Jena alderman files lawsuit against mayor
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     Jena Council Member Gary Compton filed a civil lawsuit for damages against Jena Mayor James Robbins in 28th Judicial District Court last Thursday afernoon.

     Compton alleges in the lawsuit that he has suffered damages as a result of assaultive behavior on the part of the Mayor of Jena, and is asking for an amount to be determined by the court, together with legal interest from date of judicial demand until paid.

     The lawsuit states, in part:
"On or about October 6, 2003, Compton was acting within the course of his stewardship of public finances for the Town of Jena, when, without legal provocation, James Robbins assaulted and battered him, along with the aid and implicit approval of the Chief of Police of the Town of Jena,  in the latter's failure to perform his lawful duty to prevent criminal behavior imminently likely.

"Compton was injured accordingly:
"(a) Assault, battery and failure to adhere to reasonable standards of decency in the conduct of putlic business by intentionally performing lawful duties in an unlawful manner and by knowingly allowing others to act in an unlawful or theratening manner against petitioner;

"(b) By formenting rumors about Petitioner's fitness as a public official, contacting Petitioner's employment after the principal assault and battery in an ongoing effort to disparage petitioner at his work and in his family and public life and eventually to cause him to be cast in an unfavorable light with his employer, with the intent to have reprisals taken against Petitioner for truthfully disclosing defendan'ts unlawful acts; and

"(c) Tortious abuse of office by painting Petitioner in a false light, in violation of duty as set forth in La.R.S. 14:134, and by using the authority of position to defame and inflict emotional distress on Petitioner in the uncolicited contact of Petitioner's employers with intent to harm Petitioner, by negligently or directly intending to harm Petitioner or by intentionally and/or negligently harming Petitioner's family and supporters.

     "As a result of the enumerated acts in this petition, due solely to the fault of James Robbins, and omissions of George King, Petitioner suffered as follows:  physical and mental pain and suffering; embarrassment; aggravation; injury to reputation; emotional distress; loss of enjoyment of life;  assault, battery, defamation, invasion of privacy, and negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress;  loss of public stature, all past, present, and future, including medical bills and disability
(Editor's Note:  A civil lawsuit outlines the grievance of one party against another, and does not establish guilt or innocence of the defendant.)

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