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Don Day Broker
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Mary Jane Day, Agent
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Jena Louisiana Real Estate

Day Real Estate,

L.L.C., is owned and operated by Don N. and Mary Jane Day. Their offices are located at 1982 Dogwood Dr. In Jena, La.

Day Real Estate, L.L.C., a Limited Liability Company, was formed by Don N. Day, Broker, in August of 2001. The firm is actively involved in selling residential, investment, and commercial property in LaSalle Parish and the surrounding areas. We also Co-op with all the other real estate agencies, and can sell any property, whether listed with us or not. If it is for sale, call us and we can arrange to show it to you.

Come to us with all your Real Estate needs and we will give you honesty, knowledge and dedication from the showing to closing.

Please call us at
992-6287 or 729-0362 or 729-6830.

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