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911 Attack

Bali Hai China for Sale
Feete LaZsheau Slideshow

Andy Rooney News Videos
LaSalle Florist 25th Anniversary

Apocalypse, Beware
Katrina, The Government Knew

Bush / Kerry Debate at Bo McCartney's house
Bush Rally at Turnley's

Bush / Cheney 04

COA new facility
Jock Scott Barbecue (Justiss barn)

Ketchup Kerry for President
Jock Scott Press Conference 9/8/04

Rodney Alexander Tea at Robbins house
Sammy Franklin, supports Bush

Blacks for Bush
Election Returns / 11/02/04

Thomas Sowell, Responsible Voting
Hogbreath Bar webcam

Democrats Black DoorMat by Deroy Murdock
Jim Bouie Restaurant / Enterprise La.

Centennial 1971
Black Genocide

Bible Word Search
Precious Memories

Howdy Neighbor Day 2005
Jenna Fae Whatley / 50's Forrest Beauty Queen

Compton Sues Robbins
Flame Wars

Easter Chicken
Mary Jones / remembering a beautiful lady

Jessie Jackson, leads us to the promised land
Political Contributions

Lyrics from the 40's
Mike Francis announces

Pat Buchanan answers Obama
Representative Dist #22 Results