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Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200
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LaSalle Florist
Flowers For All Occasions
Call 1 800 844 9456
Since 1979
Cup & Saucer
$30.00 & up LaSalle Florist

Tulips $42.50 & up LaSalle Florist

Roses (1 dzn)
$60.00 & up LaSalle Florist
Picket Fence Arngment
$40 & up LaSalle Florist

Sweet Pansy Bouquet
$40.00 & up LaSalle Florist

Silver Garden Bouquet
$30.00 & up LaSalle Florist

The Barrett Sisters
Walk and Talk With Jesus

Lynda Randle
God on the Mountain

kevin greene
Legislating words is silly, arbitrary, and a danger to freedom.

Geraldine "Jelly" Pigott induction into Hall of Fame

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Black Republicans, see videos
How Presidential Politics Play in Jena
The Shreveport Times
Black Man Speaks Out
Mychael Bell Shoplifting

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Carrice Russell Baker
Induction Hall of Fame

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LaSalle Florist

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